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Summary of "Securing America's Future"

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When Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson released their principles and framework for deficit reduction in February, they did so in an effort to breathe life into the prospects of a grand bargain by building on the work and negotiations of the last two years.

In the weeks that followed the release of their framework the prospects for real action on the deficit remained bleak.  Washington let the sequester go into effect, the stupid, stupid, stupid approach that made mindless, across-the-board cuts in spending without doing anything to address the long-term drivers of our debt. That was followed by the passage of partisan budgets in the House and Senate which place all the pain in the other’s priorities and did not present any kind of compromise. 

But today there are seeds of hope for bipartisan agreement and reason to be optimistic that our leaders will finally take the actions necessary to bring our debt under control.

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