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Bowles, Simpson launch effort to promote deficit reduction

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WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Erskine Bowles and Senator Alan Simpson launched the Moment of Truth (MOT) project - an effort to capitalize on the momentum generated by their work on the President's bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. The launch event featured guest speakers Senators Kent Conrad (D-ND), Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID), Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), and Dave Cote, CEO, Honeywell International.

The event also featured a panel discussion moderated by David Wessel, Columnist and Economics Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal, which will include Jeffrey Liebman, Malcolm Wiener Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School; Donald Marron, Director, Tax Policy Center; David Gergen, Professor of Public Service, Harvard Kennedy School; and co-chairs Bowles and Simpson.

"The two of us didn't get into this so we could tell our grandchildren we got a bunch of glowing editorials," Sen. Simpson said. "We actually want to get something done.  This is like a stink bomb in the garden party - it isn't going away, and neither are we."

Bowles, former Chief of Staff to President Clinton, explained "while it has become fashionable in Washington to talk about the need to have an adult conversation, we actually had one on the commission. We demonstrated that it is possible to reach a bipartisan consensus on a serious, comprehensive plan. Sooner or later Washington is going to have to face up to this problem, and the only way to solve it is with an aggressive, balanced, bipartisan plan like the one we put forward."

For further information on the event or on the Moment of Truth project, or if you would like to speak with Erskine Bowles or Senator Alan Simpson, please contact Conor McKay at or 202-596-3402.


The Moment of Truth project is a non-profit, non-partisan effort that seeks to foster honest discussion about the nation's fiscal challenges, the difficult choices that must be made to solve them, and the potential for bipartisan compromise that can move the debate forward and set our country on a sustainable path.

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Mar 8, 2011
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Fiscal Commission co-chairs Erskine Bowles and Sen. Alan Simpson kick off the Moment of Truth project - an effort to promote bipartisan action on the debt and deficits.