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Bowles and Simpson Announce Support for “Citizen's Petition to Fix the Debt”

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WASHINGTON, DC - When Al Simpson and Erskine Bowles announced the formation of The Campaign to Fix the Debt in an appearance on Squawkbox last month, they set a goal of getting millions of Americans to sign a petition declare their support for the principles of The Campaign to Fix the Debt.

A group of citizens in Vermont concerned about our nation's debt and frustrated by the gridlock in Washington that has prevented action on a solution took this challenge to heart and organized The Citizen's Petition to Fix the Debt. They contacted Bowles and Simpson, who agreed to endorse the petition and make it the official petition of The Campaign to Fix the Debt. The petition calls on leaders in Washington to put aside special interests and find common ground on a comprehensive fiscal plan based on the principles and framework of the Simpson-Bowles plan.

Simpson and Bowles offered the following joint statement about the petition

"As we travel the country talking about the threat posed by our national debt and the need for action, we have received an overwhelming reaction from people across the spectrum who agree and want to help. This petition will provide these citizens with a way to ensure their voice is heard loud and clear. The founders of the petition have the energy that is needed to gather millions of signatures and greatly enhance our chances of success in forging a long-term solution on the national debt."

"The voters are way ahead of their elected representatives in realizing we need to honestly 'do something' about this problem. Legislators in Washington need to hear - before the election - from the constituents they represent on this critical issue. We need our leaders to make these hard choices, these politically difficult choices. The American public is thirsting for the truth and bold leadership from their elected representatives. That is what this petition demands."


Click here to sign the petition

Click here to learn more about The Campaign to Fix the Debt

For more information about The Moment of Truth Project, contact Executive Director Ed Lorenzen at


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Aug 16, 2012
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"Legislators in Washington need to hear – before the election – from the constituents they represent on this critical issue."