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Bowles and Simpson Announce Creation of Campaign to Fix the Debt

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Bowles and Simpson Announce Creation of the Campaign to Fix the Debt


WASHINGTON, DC – At a National Press Club event today, a bipartisan coalition of business, civic and thought leaders announced the formation of The Campaign to Fix the Debt, an effort founded by Fiscal Commission and Moment of Truth project co-chairs Erskine Bowles and Senator Alan Simpson to galvanize national support for a comprehensive debt reduction plan. The campaign will be co-chaired by former Senator and Fiscal Commission Member Judd Gregg and former Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell.

Simpson and Bowles offered the following joint statement about the campaign launch:

“We are highly gratified that such a distinguished group of former public officials, business leaders and so many others are joining us to launch this Campaign to Fix the Debt. Legislators in Washington need to hear – before the election – from the constituents they represent on this critical issue.

We need our leaders to make these hard choices, these politically difficult choices. The voters are way ahead of their elected representatives in realizing we need to honestly “do something” about this problem and that fixing it will require that everyone accept some sacrifices in the things they may like for the good of the country they love. The American public is thirsting for the truth and bold leadership from their elected representatives.  This campaign will greatly help to ensure that their voices are finally really being heard, loud and clear, where it counts – in Congress and Washington, D.C.

If we allow members of Congress to think that doing nothing is OK, then that’s exactly what they’ll do. All of us must put aside our individual wish lists and think about what’s really important for the country. If we’re unwilling to do that, then future generations are going to be in a world of hurt. But if this campaign succeeds in getting politicians to put partisanship aside and pull together, rather than pull apart, then the future of this country is very, very bright. We hope all Americans who care about the future of our nation join this campaign."


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Jul 17, 2012
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